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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Puntarenas Scenes

Puntarenas is on a long narrow peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica. The estuary on its north shore (left) is shallow and boats accessing the Costa Rica Yacht Club may only enter or leave close to the rising high tide. This is quite an old photo, and does not show the "new" jetty. To the right is the beach fronting on the Gulf of Nicoya. Skirting that beach is the Paseo de Turistas.

The estuary at the Yacht Club is well protected, and is calm even during strong winds.

Horizons (brown canvas on both main and staysail booms) can be seen about the third mast from the left, with the mangroves in the near background and the cloud forest mountains in the distant background.

This is the view I have from my galley porthole as I make my breakfast.

A container ship at the "new" jetty. which is also used by cruise liners.

The lifeguard has a beautiful view of the Gulf of Nicoya.

View to the south, looking down the Gulf of Nicoya

One of the beachside picnic areas.

Two views of the Paseo de Turistas.

Beach vendor.

Restored old church in the centre of Puntarenas.

Modern new church near the point on the peninsula.

One of the ferries which leaves from near the end of the estuary side of the Puntarenas peninsula, to cross the Gulf to the Nicoya Peninsula.

Some of the fish docks just upstream of the ferry dock.


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